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Council-managed sports pavilion's system information

The state-of-the art electronic locking system has been installed at all Council-managed sports pavilions to provide high quality security, flexibility and functionality.

At the start of your tenancy, we will issue your club key ring passes. Access cards are also available.

The key ring passes and access cards will be programmed to allow access to the sporting pavilions you require. You can even program multi-venues using the one key pass.

Key passes and access cards can also be individually tailored, allowing club members access to the areas of the pavilion they require.

The benefits of the new electronic locking system include:

  • no more keys
  • the ability to be programmed for multi venues
  • they are unaffected by power failure or internet outages
  • accurate information available on each lock's use.

Things to remember about the new electronic locking system:

  • Inform cardholders about the level of access they have been granted.
  • Contact us form if a key ring pass is lost or faulty; a replacement will be issued at no cost.