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Street sweeping in Bayside

Street sweeping is run throughout the year to keep our streets clean, including a more intensive period during Autumn to combat the increased leaf fall.

Autumn sweep

This year's Autumn street sweeping has been brought forward due to the early leaf fall and is now in action until the middle of June.

Street sweeping is crucial to keeping our streets clean. We removed over 500 tonnes of leaf and other waste from our footpaths, streets and gutters last Autumn.

The sweeps are conducted outside of working hours to prevent adding to congestion on our roads. Our team endeavour to operate as quickly and quietly as possible to avoid disturbing your sleep.

Standard schedule

Residential streets are typically cleaned once a month, while Bayside shopping activity areas are swept 2-3 times-a-week due to the increased waste.

We do our best to clean your street on the scheduled day and will complete the sweep on the following day (excluding weekends and public holidays) if it is not possible.

What happens to the leaves and rubbish?

Citywide has implemented Australia’s first street-sweeping recycling plant. At the recycling plant, materials are collected and sorted according to size and weight. An environmentally safe biodegradable chemical is used to break up heavy metals.

Recovered materials for re-use include washed sand, which can be used for rehabilitation or blending into compost and leaf matter for organic recycling.  

These services help to reduce our environmental impact by deferring waste from landfill, while by-products can be utilised for construction materials, diverting 60 to 90 per cent of street sweeping waste from landfill.

Support the clean up

While we make every effort to keep our streets clean year-round, you can help out by doing the following:

  • Avoid sweeping leaves or clippings into the road.
  • Do not park caravans, trailers or boats on the road for a extended periods.