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Swimming pools and spas

The Building Act 1993 and the Building Regulations 2006 require the owner of every swimming pool or spa that is capable of containing a depth of water of greater than 300mm to provide safety barriers that restrict access to their swimming pool and/or spa.

New swimming pool spa regulations

For new swimming pool and spa installation (pools approved after the 1 May 2010) fences and barrier must comply Australian Standards AS1926.1-2012, AS1926.2–2012 and AS 1926.3-2012.

Note that these latest amendments to the Building Code of Australia now prohibit child resistant door sets that allow access to a swimming pool or spa area.

Swimming pools and spas built before 8 April 1991

Swimming pools and spas constructed prior to 8 April 1994 must comply with Building Regulations contained in Division 1 of Part 7 of the Building Regulations 2006 – Existing Swimming Pools and Spas.

You can access these regulations (701 to 705) via the following Building Regulations 2006.

Swimming pools and spas built after 8 April 1991 but prior to 1 May 2010

Swimming pools and spas constructed after 8 April 1994 but prior to 1 May 2010 must comply with the Australian Standards applicable at the time of construction being AS1926.1-1993 & AS 1926.2-1993.

Maintenance and operation of safety barriers

Division 2 of Part 12 of the Building Regulations 2006, Swimming Pool and Spa Maintenance and Operation, details the responsibilities of occupiers of an allotment and the responsibilities of a person entering and leaving a swimming pool or spa area.

You can access these regulations (1219 and 1220) via Building Regulation 2006.