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What is the Bayside Planning Scheme?

Our Strategic Planning Department provides the direction to manage growth, support business and promote sustainable development. Our strategic plans and visions are implemented through the Bayside Planning Scheme.

The scheme contains three main sections:

  • State Planning Policy Framework (SPPF)
  • Local Planning Policy Framework (municipal strategic statement and local planning policies)
  • Land Use and Development Controls (zones and overlays).

Planning schemes ensure there is consistency between state government and councils in the way land is used and developed across Victoria.

For more details go to the Bayside Planning Scheme section of the Victoria State Government website.

The Bayside Planning Scheme also includes a number of incorporated and reference documents.

Alternatively copies are available at all Council libraries, and at the Corporate Centre, 76 Royal Avenue, Sandringham VIC 3191.

Changes to the Bayside Planning Scheme

To ensure that the Bayside Planning Scheme remains current, and can take into consideration new objectives or changes within the Bayside community, amendments are prepared.

Generally, amendments are initiated by the Minister for Planning, or by Council as the planning authority. Anyone can initiate a planning scheme amendment, though it is advisable to seek advice from a planning consultant first.

View our current amendments