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Current amendments

Amendments are changes to the local planning scheme made in accordance with the Planning and Environment Act 1987. There is a formal amendment process that must be followed.

What is the amendment process?

When an amendment is proposed there is a public exhibition held for usually a month where affected people are notified and the community can submit any comments.

The merits of the amendment are then assessed by Council. On an occasion where concerns regarding a proposed amendment cannot be resolved, submissions may be referred to an independent Planning Panel for consideration.

Once the panel's recommendation is received, Council can then decide whether to abandon or adopt all or parts of the amendment. An amendment cannot make changes to the planning scheme until it is approved and gazetted by the Minister for Planning.

The current Bayside Planning Scheme Amendments are listed below. You can also view further information at the Victoria State Government website

Current amendments

Amendment number Amendment name Status
C113, C114 and C115 Mandatory Height Controls for three Major Activity Centres Refused by the Minister for Planning for approval
C126 Bayside Small Activity Centres Strategy Public exhibition concluded on 24 April 2017
C139 Drainage Development Contributions Plan Submitted to the Minister for Planning for approval
C150 Retail, Commercial and Employment Strategy Public Exhibition
C151 Hampton East (Moorabbin) Structure Plan Council consideration of the Planning Panel report
C152 Martin Street Structure Plan Awaiting Planning Panel report
C153 SBO boundary update Planning Panel hearing
C155 Potentially Contaminated Land  Public Exhibition