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Current amendments

Amendments are changes to the local planning scheme made in accordance with the Planning and Environment Act 1987. There is a formal amendment process that must be followed.

What is the amendment process?

When an amendment is proposed there is a public exhibition held for usually a month where affected people are notified and the community can submit any comments.

The merits of the amendment are then assessed by Council. On an occasion where concerns regarding a proposed amendment cannot be resolved, submissions may be referred to an independent Planning Panel for consideration.

Once the panel's recommendation is received, Council can then decide whether to abandon or adopt all or parts of the amendment. An amendment cannot make changes to the planning scheme until it is approved and gazetted by the Minister for Planning.

The current Bayside Planning Scheme Amendments are listed below. You can also view further information at the Victoria State Government website

Current amendments

Amendment number Amendment name Status
C160 Highett Structure Plan Council has requested a Planning Panel be appointed to consider submissions
C126 Bayside Small Activity Centres Strategy Adopted and submitted for approval
C151 Hampton East (Moorabbin) Structure Plan Gazetted on 15 August 2019
C152 Martin Street Structure Plan Gazetted on 12 September 2019
C161 Corrects a number of errors and anomalies and updates the Temporary Advertising Signs on Recreation Reserves Policy Adopted and submitted for approval
C165 Applies to Council owned land at 5 & 7 Well Street, Brighton Panel Report to be publicly available from 14 January 2020
C174 Applies the Heritage Overlay at 38 Grosvenor Street, Brighton  Consideration of submissions received