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Council agendas

Council and Committee meeting agendas are added to this page and indexed by date.

When are agendas published?

Agendas are added to this page (on or before) the Thursday preceding the relevant meeting. If an agenda is unable to be published by the specified time, an agenda will be made available to the public with reasonable notice provided.

Attachments listed as separate in the agenda can be downloaded from this page.

Written Statements submitted to the meeting can also be downloaded from this page at approximately 12pm on the day of the applicable meeting.

Important Notice:

Council is closely monitoring the State Government’s directives in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Due to density and distancing requirements for indoor public spaces, temporary meeting procedures remain in effect whereby Council and Committee meetings will be held without members of the public present; however, meetings will be live-streamed via Council’s website:

Live Council Meetings

This protocol is currently under review as a result of the recent relaxation of Victoria’s COVIDSafe settings.

Alternative arrangements are in place for members of the community to be heard in relation to eligible items listed on the agenda, or to submit a public question, via the following links:

Requests to be heard (Provide a Written Statement)

Ask a question at an Ordinary Meeting of Council

For further queries, please speak with the Governance office on 9599 4444.

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