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Reusable nappy workshop: Cloth Nappies 101


In anticipation of the upcoming bin collection changes scheduled for July 2022, we're supporting our residents in reducing the amount of waste we're producing as a community by providing workshops encouraging waste avoidance.  

The avoidance of waste is the best thing we can do reduce our overall waste footprint and preserve precious resources. This can easily be achieved by choosing to refuse single-use items and opting for reusables where possible.

As the title suggests, this is a comprehensive introduction to cloth nappies, and suits both expectant
parents, and those who already have children in nappies. The presentation covers:

  • the benefits of cloth nappies (environmental, economical, etc.)
  • the different styles (fitteds, pockets, AI2s, prefolds etc)
  • how to wash them, and
  • hacks to make cloth super easy.

With over 60 nappies and accessories, participants can not only ask questions and be shown a wide variety of cloth nappies, but also other reusables such as ‘pull ups’, swim nappies and cloth wipes. 



  • 07:30pm-09:00pm




Bayside City Council