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How your rates are set and spent

Your rates help to make Bayside the place we love.

They build local roads, footpaths and bike trails. They maintain sports facilities, parks and 17km of beautiful foreshore.

Rates support the places where our community comes together - libraries, community centres, shopping villages and men’s sheds. They fund the collection and processing of household rubbish and recycling, and help lost pets make it home.

Rates help support the older, vulnerable members of our community; babies and new parents; children and young people.

Your rates are at work every day in Bayside.

How every $1,000 is spent on our major service categories

How every $1000 of rates is spent

  • $275 on new community facilities
  • $137 on roads and drainage
  • $129 on planning and local laws
  • $113 on parks and foreshores
  • $101 on environment and waste
  • $99 on maintaining property and facilities
  • $73 on aged services
  • $44 on libraries, arts and culture
  • $29 on family services

A day in the life of Bayside City Council

What are we currently working on?

The 2020/21 Bayside City Council budget outlines the latest projects we're working on. This includes $37.8 million in upgrades to community infrastructure including:

  • $12.9 on parks, open space and streetscapes
  • $12.4 million on buildings
  • $3.7 million for roads
  • $2.2 million for foreshores and conservation
  • $1.8 million for footpaths and bicycle ways
  • $1.6 million on drainage.

View the Budget here. Find out more about how we are responding to COVID-19, building for the future and protecting our local environment using funds from Bayside rates below.

Rates in 2020/21

COVID-19 has reinforced the important role your Council plays in supporting our community.

During the pandemic, your Council is redirecting our people and resources to assisting vulnerable residents with in-home care, delivered meals and social outreach, as well as providing financial and professional support for local businesses facing economic distress.

In 2020/21 we will continue to support our community through COVID-19. Bayside’s COVID-19 recovery plan will help to reinvigorate our shopping villages and local employment hubs and re-establish social connections across our community as we emerge from the pandemic.

Your rates will deliver new facilities for residents of all ages and interests including:

  • $4.9 million to upgrade six sporting pavilions including at Donald McDonald Reserve and AW Oliver Reserve
  • $2.9 million new, inclusive Thomas Street Reserve Playground for children of all abilities
  • $2.6 million reconstruction of Sandringham Athletics Track
  • $1.5 million heritage refurbishment of Sandringham Masonic Hall to provide valuable community facilities
  • Commence Phase 1 of the new Elsternwick Park Nature Reserve to create a wonderful biodiversity refuge and natural oasis in our urban environment
  • $0.58 million to construct new public toilets at Thomas Street Reserve and Green Point.

We will also continue design and planning for the Dendy Street Beach pavilion, Bayside Netball Centre and Beaumaris Arts Centre redevelopment.

Bayside is committed to acting on the climate emergency.

Your Council will continue to work towards carbon neutrality, adopting further energy efficiency initiatives across our facilities and operations including switching to renewable energy.

All Bayside beaches including Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary will become smoke free.

Your Council will continue to advocate to the Victorian Government for recycling and waste reform and progress the joint establishment of an alternative waste processing facility as a long term investment in a cleaner future.

Your questions about rates answered

Each council takes the total rate revenue to be collected and divides it by the total value of all properties in its municipality to calculate the rate in the dollar.

This ensures councils do not receive more money when property values rise.

The rate in the dollar is then multiplied by the market value of each property to ensure each ratepayer contributes a fair share.

We will add the municipal charge which is also included in the rate cap. Waste charges and your fire services property levy are then added to your general rates notice to determine the total amount you will pay.

Capital Improved Value (property and land) and Site Value (land only) are separate valuations and not added together. 

Capital Improved Value: CIV is the total market value of the property including land and all improvements.Site Value (SV)

Site Value: SV is the value of the land only (assuming vacant land with no buildings). These valuations may be used by other authorities for the purpose of a rate or tax. 

Net Annual Value: NAV is relevant for non-residential properties, commercial, tenanted or investment properties. NAV for residential properties is approximately 5% of the capital improved value. 

Find out more about valuations

Rate capping is a limit set by Victorian Government on how much Councils can collect each year. The rate is set for 2020/21 is 2%. 

Your rates may have increased by less or more than 2%, dependent on your valuation in comparison to the rest of Bayside.


Transcript: How does rate capping work? (DOCX, 21.70KB)

The Municipal Charge covers administrative costs and applies to all properties equally, irrespective of value.

We list a breakdown of your rates and charges on the back of your annual notice. The Municipal Charge is subject to the rate cap.

Every property in Bayside pays a waste service charge, regardless of if they have a bin at the property or not.

We introduced a contribution fee to ensure that every owner is equally supporting and paying for services such as cleaning and waste management in public areas such as street sweeping, street bins and beach cleaning.

Food and green waste is an optional service and is not paid for by residents who do not have the additional collection.

Your property's waste service charge will be listed on the back of your rates notice.

There are different options waste bin sizes and waste bin types for ratepayers to choose from. Additional bins may also be requested (fees apply). 

If you have a waste bin at your property - your waste charge will pay for the weekly garbage, fortnightly recycling and hard rubbish collection plus a contribution fee. 

If you do not have a waste bin at your property you will only pay a contribution fee, which covers services such as street sweeping, public bins and beach cleaning.

Food and green waste is an optional service and is not paid for by residents who do not have the additional collection. This is a one-off additional fee and will not appear on your rates notice.

If you wish to discuss alternative waste service options, please contact 9599 4444 for more information.

As part of your rates, we collect the Fire Services Levy on behalf of the Victorian State Government.

Find out more about the Fire Services Property Levy

If you live in a Bayside property and hold one of the below eligible concession card then you can apply for a rebate.

Eligible concession cards

The address on your card must match the address listed on your rates notice.

  • Pensioner Concession Card (PCC) issued by the Australia Government, Department of Health and Human Services (formerly Centrelink)
  • Pension Concession Card (PCC) issued by the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA)
  • DVA Gold Repatriation Health Card – Totally and Permanently Incapacitated (TPI)
  • DVA Gold Repatriation Health Card – For all conditions – War Widow / Widower (WW)

Ineligible concession cards

  • Health Care Card issued by Australia Government, Department of Health and Human Services (formerly Centrelink)
  • Commonwealth Seniors Health Card issued by Australia Government, Department of Health and Human Services (formerly Centrelink)
  • Victorian Seniors Card.

Apply for a pensioner concession

If you have queries or concerns regarding your rates calculations then you can submit a rates valuation enquiry or call us on 9599 4444.

Different municipalities require different levels of funding for services. Find out more about how we compare to other regions at Know Your Council.

Interest charged on unpaid rates

The interest rate charged on all overdue rates and charges is fixed under the Penalty Interest Rates Act 1983.

The rate that will apply for the 2020/21 year is 10% per annum on all payments not received by the due date. Interest will continue to accrue until paid in full.

Interest on instalment payments will be backdated to the due date of the first instalment.