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Adding colour, art and nature to Black Rock and Sandy shopping villages

Two installations are taking place that will bring more life and nature to two beloved shopping areas in Bayside. The uniquely painted planters, street furniture and a sculpture have all been thoughtfully designed, not only improving the overall appearance and adding greenery to our streets, but also inspiring people to spend more time outside, benefit local businesses, and foster a sense of community.

Bright and beautiful planters pop up in Black Rock 🌼

Seven unique planters have been installed in Black Rock Village to enhance and uplift the spaces, adding greenery for the community and visitors to enjoy. This initiative aims to increase foot traffic and generate economic growth for the community.

The planters have been painted by local artist Julian Clavijo with colours drawn from his piece Back to Land, a signature local artwork in Black Rock.

Julian is an award-winning artist who has gained recognition both nationally and internationally. In 2018, he received the 'Best Global Artist Award' in the Street Art category at a ceremony held in Dubai.

Locations of new furniture and planters in Black Rock Village include:

  • 604 & 613 Balcombe Road
  • Cnr. Balcombe Rd & Ebden Ave
  • Cnr. Balcombe & Bluff Roads
  • Cnr. Karrakatta St & Bluff Rd

This will complete phase two of the Victorian Government COVIDSafe funded project.

A Delicate Balance arrives in Sandy 🐢

On Friday, 30 June, the sculpture A Delicate Balance by artist Bernie O'Gorman will be installed in the median strip on Station St in Sandringham. This sculpture is part of a Placemaking program of initiatives for the Sandringham Activity Centre and depicts the reliance of the turtle and earth on humans for balance and survival. While adding beauty to the space, the artwork will also help bring energy and maximize the use of the area, benefiting the local community.

Supported by Sandy Street Art Project, Sandringham Village, Village Zero and Bayside City Council, the artwork will provide visitors with an opportunity to reflect on connections between humankind and the natural world.

“A Delicate Balance, in its essence, is a study of human domination over the world and the animals that occupy it. The quintessential position of helplessness, a turtle on its back, portrays an overwhelming sense of vulnerability. The Earth has been stripped of its common labels in an effort to de-humanise it and therefore place it in the same precarious situation as the turtle. Both the turtle and the Earth are now totally reliant on the human designed, industrially manufactured, geometric base for their balance and survival.”

The sculpture is on loan from the artist for a 12 month period and is supported by Sandy Street Art Project and Sandringham Traders Association.

A brass sculpture of a turtle upside down on the earth
A Delicate Balance by Bernie O'Gorman will be on loan from the artist for a 12 month period and located in Sandy.