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Community satisfaction survey results 2022

Friday 17 June 2022


This year’s community satisfaction survey results are in and overall satisfaction has increased with Bayside City Council, with residents giving an average score of 7 out of 10.

The results from this annual independent survey help us to better understand how we are perceived by our community, measure satisfaction with Council’s leadership and delivery of services and facilities, and identify issues of concern within the municipality.

Our most valued services

Overall, residents rated their satisfaction with Council’s services and facilities as ‘very good’.

Services considered most important were rated as ‘excellent’, including:

  • Waste and recycling services
  • Local libraries and arts
  • Services for older people
  • Services for children from birth to five years of age
  • Appearance of the beach, foreshore and bushland
  • Parks, gardens, reserves and sports ovals

Satisfaction with Bayside City Council’s overall performance and services remains higher than the average for the six inner eastern region councils.

Issues and concerns

The annual community satisfaction survey is also an opportunity to explore current issues of concern in Bayside for residents.

The top issues were:

  1. Building, planning, housing, development
  2. Environment, sustainability, climate change
  3. Roads maintenance and repairs
  4. Beach and foreshore issues
  5. Footpath maintenance and repairs

About the survey

The community satisfaction survey is conducted each year by independent company Metropolis Research. Each year, 700 randomly selected households take part in the survey, which is traditionally conducted face-to-face. This year due to COVID-19 impacts, the survey was conducted with 600 residents via face to face and telephone interviews.

The survey is just one of the ways that we measure our performance and the community’s satisfaction with the services, facilities, and leadership that Council provides.

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