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Tree pruning works underway

You may notice that some Bayside trees have had more branches removed than usual during recent pruning works.

Thursday 15 September 2022


This is due to safety concerns raised by Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) about the large number of neighbourhood trees growing close to low voltage and high voltage powerlines, making it necessary to prune them back.

The State Government’s Code of Practice for Electric Line Clearance for vegetation clearance around powerlines makes Council responsible for street and park trees.

Council operates a two-year pruning cycle.

We are looking at all options to ensure the tree canopy is a safe distance from powerlines, such as installing spreaders on wires, selecting replacement tree species that can be easily pruned around power lines or that do not grow to heights that will interfere with powerlines.

Council has already begun planting alternative tree species when planting under powerlines.

Keeping tree branches away from powerlines also keeps our tree crews safe when they are working on trees under powerlines.

There are currently about 20,000 trees planted under powerlines in Bayside.

Existing trees will not be removed unless the pruning is expected to impact their health or structure.

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