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Go for Solar with Solar Savers

Reduce your power bills and support the environment

To help Bayside residents and businesses make the switch to renewable energy and protect against rising energy costs, we’ve launched Solar Savers, a local government initiative making rooftop solar installation affordable and easy. 

Solar Savers supports you through the installation process by connecting you with great deals on high-end solar systems installed by reliable, accredited providers. Have peace of mind knowing your installers have been independently evaluated on their safety, product quality and value for money. Watch the video to learn more!

How it works

  1. Register your interest in installing solar online on the Solar Savers website or over the phone by calling 1300 548 598.
  2. Solar Savers will check your eligibility for the program.
  3. Our solar installer will arrange a Discovery Meeting and provide you with a personalised quote for your review.
  4. Solar Savers can help you apply for the Victorian Government rebate and, if needed, a no-interest loan. 
  5. Your solar system is installed and you can enjoy free energy from the sun! ☀️

Once you've installed solar, the next step is to start planning your all-electric house or business.  Check out our Love Bayside, Electrify Everything program and prepare your Go Electric house plan today.

Frequently asked questions

Since September 2019, Solar Savers has helped over 400 Victorian households and businesses install rooftop solar to enjoy the benefits of clean energy and cheaper electricity bills.

Solar Savers is available to homeowners, renters, and businesses in Bayside. 

Did you know that nearly 6,500 homes in Bayside already have solar? While many residents and businesses are enjoying the benefits of solar power, many people within our community are yet to make the switch. Start the journey now to a more affordable, low-carbon home or business. 

The average payback period for a 6.6kw solar system (15 panels) is typically between 3-8 years for low to medium users of electricity, depending on rate of electricity. You could save up to $1,400 by taking advantage of Victorian Government rebates you may be eligible for.  

Visit the Solar Savers website or call 1300 548 598 to register your interest and access a free quote.

Solar Savers is open to all homeowners, renters, landlords, and business owners located in Bayside City Council. 

You may need a Planning Permit, a Building Permit or both to install solar panels on your property. A Planning Permit is required if your property is subject to a Heritage Overlay and the panels will be visible from the street or a public park. To find out if your property is subject to a Heritage Overlay, click here to find out planning information about a property. Or to discuss your property with a planner give us a call on (03) 9599 4666.  

Solar Savers can support eligible residents in accessing Victorian Government rebates and no-interest loans. Learn more about Victorian Government rebates online on the Solar Victoria website or by calling the Solar Savers team on 1300 548 598.

Yes, enquire through the registration form and our solar installers will assess your property and advise if and how they can upgrade your system. Note, homeowners with an existing system installed after 1 November 2009 will not be eligible for the Solar Victoria rebate.

To find out if you’re on the best deal after installing solar power, compare energy offers with the Victorian Government’s Victorian Energy Compare. Visit the Victorian Energy Compare website to find the cheapest energy offers for your home. It’s free, independent, and easy-to-use. Note, we strongly recommend you wait approximately three months after your solar installation before changing electricity retailers.

Yes, they are! 

In Victoria, solar panels are considered ‘specified e-waste’, which means this type of waste poses a greater environmental and human health risk than other types of e-waste. Specified e-waste is banned from entering landfills. 

To combat this, our Solar Savers installer has partnered with Lotus Energy, owners of Australia’s first solar panels recycling facility, where upwards of 90% of solar panel materials are recovered and reused.  Residents can also contact Lotus Energy to recycle solar panels as well.

Got another question or need some more information?

Head to the Solar Savers website or give the Solar Savers team a call on 1300 548 598.