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Electrify Everything

Start electrifying your home for a cleaner, healthier future

Here at Bayside we’re working towards our 2035 net zero community target by electrifying everything and helping you to do so too. Electrified houses, buildings and electric vehicles powered by solar and GreenPower provide a cleaner and healthier environment for all of us. You could gain financial benefits too. And, by making the switch, we’re joining the growing local government and community movement to electrify everything across Australia.

So, how do we electrify everything?

Watch the video and then click on the boxes below to learn how.

Public information session

A previous session was recorded and is available to watch online.

This information session aims to help you discover how to develop your Go Electric plan, hear from the Yarra Energy Foundation on why electrification is important, learn how Council can assist you in upgrading electric appliances at competitive rates and hear from Specialized Solar & Electrical on the installation process.


1. Prepare your Go Electric house plan and pledge

Bikes to car, cooling and heating, hot water and cooking - there are many ways to electrify your home.  We all know electrification can take time and vary in level of investment. Learn about more ways to make your home energy efficient.

Download and prepare a Go Electric plan for your home. This plan allows you to choose, prioritise and upgrade your appliances and vehicle when they’re due for replacement. 

Make your pledge to switch to an all electric house today. It could take 5 months or it could take 5 years. The most important step is to make a start. 

Go Electric action plan PDF. 

If you require an accessible version of the Go Electric action plan, please email Caitlin Phipps  

2. Upgrade your appliances 

What appliance should I upgrade first? What brands should I purchase? Who’s a reliable installer? These are all commonly asked question when electrifying your home.

To help simplify this, we’ve partnered with the Yarra Energy Foundation who have undertaken an assessment that can connect you with energy efficient products by a reliable installer.

Heat pump hot water systems, reverse cycle air conditioning and induction cooktops are offered through this program.

The competition to register and win a home energy audit and induction-friendly cookware has now closed. Congratulations to Emma R. and David H. on submitting the winning entries. 

According to Sustainability Victoria, 43% of the average Victorian home's running cost is spent on heating. 

Reverse cycle air conditioners are 3-4 times more efficient than a gas space heater or standard electric heater in winter.  Similar to heat pumps, reverse cycle air conditioners run on a heating cycle but heat the air inside your home instead of water and have the added benefit of heating and cooling your house.

According to state government statistics, 18% of the average Victorian home's running cost is spent on water heating, the second largest cost after heating. 

Replacing your water heating system with a heat pump makes good financial sense as they typically use 60 to 75% less electricity than conventional electric hot water systems. This means you’ll be using less electricity and have lower electricity bills and having a better impact on the environment.

Heat pumps use a refrigeration cycle to extract heat from air and then use a heat exchanger to heat water in an insulated storage cylinder. Heat pumps don’t have an electric or gas boosting system.

Replacing your current cooktop with an induction cooktop makes great sense. Not only are they safe and healthier, but they’re also more energy efficient.

Induction cooktops use a magnetic charge rather than a heating element found in electric hot plates.  This creates a more responsive method of cooking as well as safer option, particularly for families.

If you’re renting, have a small kitchen or want to try before you install a hardwired option, portable induction cooktops are available to buy which can be plugged into a powerpoint (although not through this program).

How it works

1. Register your interest to receive a quote to install a heat pump hot water system, reverse cycle air conditioning or induction cooktop (or all 3) on our registration page.

Click here to register your interest  

2. Yarra Energy Foundation will check your eligibility for the Bayside City Council program.

3. Our reliable electrical installer will contact you to arrange a quote for your review.

4. Once you select to progress, the installer will be there every step of the way answering any questions you may have.

5. Your chosen appliance will be installed and you can tick off the first step of your Go Electric plan!

Who is eligible to upgrade their appliances through the Electrify Everything program?

The Electrify Everything appliance upgrades program is open to all homeowners, renters, landlords and business owners located in Bayside City Council.

What products are available as part of the program?

  • Induction cooktops – Westinghouse and Bosch products.  
  • Reverse cycle air conditioning – Fujitsu and Panasonic
  • Hot water heat pumps – Reclaim CO2 Hot Water Pump and Apricus All-In-One Hot Water Pump

Will there be other costs associated with installing electrical appliances?

There may be other electrical works which may need to be undertaken prior to the installation of new appliances.  For example, new wiring or a replacement switchboard may need to occur prior to work commencing in order to make sure your house is safe.  The installer will discuss this with you prior to providing you with a quote.

Is there financial assistance available?

The Victorian Government has a new round of rebates for electrical appliances. Learn more information about the Victorian Government rebates on the Victorian Energy Upgrades for households website.

Have further questions?

Contact the Yarra Energy Foundation directly on (03) 7037 6040 for further information.

3. Go for solar - install with Solar Savers

Did you know nearly 6,500 homes in Bayside already have solar and are enjoying the benefits from the sun's rays? Council is helping residents to make the switch through the Solar Savers program, connecting residents with great deals and reliable, accredited providers. With an average payback period of 3-5 years for low to medium users, and the opportunity to take advantage of Victorian Government rebates, there’s no better time than now to install solar panels. Learn more about our Solar Savers program.

4. Make the switch to GreenPower

In some instances, solar installation is not the right option for homes and businesses, so instead consider making the switch to GreenPower. GreenPower is a Federal Government program that enables households and businesses to choose renewable energy through their electricity plan and it’s the quickest and easiest place to make an impact on your carbon footprint.

Learn more about GreenPower.

5. Electric vehicles 

Switching to an electric vehicle provides one of the biggest ways to transition to an electric household especially coupled with solar panels on your house roof.  Electric vehicles are cheap to run and need very little maintenance, although do have a considerable outlay. Use the Federal Government’s Home Charging Calculator to better understand the charging costs of owning an electric vehicle. Council has also installed charging stations at our Corporate Centre and in Brighton for residents to use after hours at competitive rates.  Read Council’s article for more information on charging stations.

Electric and cargo bikes are a great alternative to using a car.  Buy the bike outright, or take out a monthly lease with one of the many leasing companies across the city.

Electrifying Council 

We are currently working on an ambitious plan to electrify Council and its operations which will include actions through smarter, more efficient buildings and lighting, installing solar on community buildings, switching to 100% renewable energy, purchasing electric fleet vehicles, installing electric vehicle charging stations, and purchasing offsets providing direct benefits in Australia and internationally. 

Learn more about Council actions and how we are working towards a net zero community