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Street trees are pruned to provide access for vehicles and pedestrians and clearance for electricity lines.

Park trees are maintained in as close to their natural form as possible.

Pruning requirements

Where required, trees are pruned to the following specifications:

  • footpaths: 2.5m to lowest foliage or limb
  • driveways: 3.0m to lowest foliage or limb
  • roadways: 3.5m at kerb, 4.5m over road to lowest structural limb.

Electric line clearance

Trees are pruned to provide and maintain clearance from overhead electrical conductors.

Tree requests

A request can be made for the following:

  • A public tree requires inspecting for pruning
  • A public tree requires inspecting for health reasons
  • Report fallen branches from a public tree
  • Report dangerous or overhanging branches on a public tree
  • Request an update on an outstanding request relating to a public tree

Make a public tree request