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Current urban planning projects

This page has details of urban planning projects in Bayside that are currently underway. We encourage you to have your say and contribute to the future of Bayside.

CSIRO site

The federal government has announced the sale of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) site in Graham Road in Highett.

In response, we adopted its preferred future planning controls for the site should it be transferred into private ownership. At our May 2015 Ordinary Meeting, we adopted the Residential Growth Zone and a Development Plan Overlay as its preferred controls for the site.

Review the ordinary meeting agenda

Pennydale Structure plan

The Bayside Planning Scheme designates the area of Cheltenham around the Southland railway station, locally known as Pennydale, as an area to accommodate housing growth.

To help plan for this housing growth, the Pennydale Structure Plan has been completed.

Read more about the structure plan and next steps.

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Highett Structure Plan Review

The original Highett Structure Plan was adopted in 2006.   Since this time, a considerable amount of development, land use and demographic change has occurred in Highett as well as changes to State Planning Policy.  To ensure the Structure Plan remains current and relevant, the original Structure Plan has been reviewed and amended where necessary.  

Read more about the updated structure plan and next steps.

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Housing Strategy Review

Council is reviewing the Bayside Housing Strategy to ensure the type and location of housing meets the needs of the Bayside community.

Read more about the Housing Strategy Review.