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Amendment C184bays: Bayside Affordable Housing Strategy

Friday 16 September 2022


What is Amendment C184?

Planning Scheme Amendment C184bays proposes to implement the themes and actions of the Bayside Affordable Housing Strategy (Bayside City Council 2021) (the ‘Strategy’) by making the following changes to the Bayside Planning Scheme: 

  • Amends existing Clause 2.03-5 (Housing) to reflect the themes and actions in encouraging and supporting the supply and diversity of affordable housing in well-located areas.
  • Creates Clause 16.01-2L (Housing Affordability) to include further strategies for the increased supply of affordable housing.
  • Amends existing Schedule to Background Documents in this Planning Scheme (Clause 72.08) with the addition of the Strategy.
  • Amends existing Schedule to Further Strategic Work in this Planning Scheme (Clause 74.02) with the addition of:
    • Develop a set of criteria for sites where affordable housing must be a consideration in planning applications.
    • Explore other planning tools to achieve an increase in the supply of affordable housing.

Why is the amendment required?

The amendment is required to update local policies and schedules in the Bayside Planning Scheme. The additions to the policies and schedules respond to the actions identified within the Bayside Affordable Housing Strategy, which was adopted by Bayside City Council on 15 June 2021. The Themes and Actions detailed within the Strategy were informed by consultation with the community, consultation with internal and external stakeholders and extensive research set out within the Bayside Affordable Housing Strategy Background Report 2021.

Amendment C184bays will align the Bayside Planning Scheme with Council’s existing policy framework to encourage the increased supply of affordable housing that represents best practice housing outcomes and responds to the community’s needs.

The amendment will support and encourage the use and development of land for affordable housing in areas with good transport links and retail amenity.

Bayside City Council is proud to advocate for the best housing outcomes for its residents and is committed to working to increase the supply of social and affordable housing in the municipality.

View Amendment C184 documentation and read the Bayside Affordable Housing Strategy and explore the housing story for the City of Bayside 

Where can I view the amendment documentation?

You can inspect all documents relating to the Amendment free of charge via the Amendments webpage on the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning’s website.

Making a submission

Exhibition of the Amendment runs from 15 September 2022 until 17 October2022. 

Next Steps

Council will consider all submissions received during the exhibition period and decide on how to proceed with the amendment at its 22 November 2022 Ordinary Meeting.

To find out more about the Planning Scheme Amendment process, click here.

Further information

For further information contact us using the details below:

Name: Nick Bunney, Strategic Planner, Bayside City Council

Phone: (03) 9599 4484


Mail: Amendment C184, Bayside City Council, PO Box 27, Sandringham, VIC, 3191

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