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Are we reading from the right script? Review our draft Arts, Culture and Libraries Strategy for Bayside.

Tell us your thoughts on our five key priorities and overall strategy.

Wednesday 10 August 2022

People gathered and sitting in the gardens outside of Brighton Library to watch Shakespeare in the Gardens

We developed our draft Arts, Culture and Libraries Strategy 2023 – 2027, based on feedback from the Bayside community and Bayside Arts & Gallery Advisory Committee.

The strategy will guide decisions and initiatives for arts, culture and libraries over the next four years.

The purpose of this strategy is to increase community engagement with local arts, culture and library services that encourage and promote self-expression, learning, social connection and appreciation for the natural environment.

The plan has five strategic priorities:

Seen and recognised
Our services and social impact is measured, recognised and resourced.

Safe, inclusive and activated places
The spaces we create are accessible and inviting to all community members.

Working with and through others
Our reach and impact is amplified through our partners in the community.

Increased and diverse engagement
We provide events and services that are useful and enjoyable for more people.

Pillars of community wellbeing
We are key to supporting mental wellbeing and health literacy.


What will Council’s role be in delivering the strategy?
  • Provide safe and inviting spaces where our community can connect and learn.
  • Promote, connect and partner with industries and services that enhance our offerings.
  • Measure and increase the positive social impact our services have on community wellbeing.
  • Connect with the community to inform our work and deliver according to their needs.
  • Foster a community culture that encourages active participation and personal growth.


How did we get to this point?

This strategy supports the Council Plan and Community Vision and was designed through an extensive engagement process with our local community, staff and other stakeholders. We spoke to over 900 people through Have Your Say, the Victorian Public Library Survey, drop-in sessions at the Bayside Farmers Market, stakeholder workshops and print and digital campaigns.


What we heard

This strategy responds to the following findings that were uncovered as part of this process:

  • People would like to actively participate in creative activities rather than always be passive observers.
  • There was an emphasis on creating free and enjoyable places that can act as hubs for people to connect.
  • Certain community segments are disengaged from current services including young people and full-time workers.
  • There is low awareness amongst the broader community of the events and services currently offered.
  • In the last year, 88% of library users visited the library to borrow books or magazines, 67% to search the catalogue or reserve an item and 63% to ask the library staff for help.


How can I get involved?

We're now seeking your feedback on our five key priorities and the overall strategy which will guide decisions and initiatives for arts, culture and libraries over the next four years.

The draft Arts, Culture and Libraries Strategy will be open for feedback until 4 September 2022. You can view the draft strategy and submit your feedback via Have Your Say. Alternatively, hard copies of the survey are available for collection at Bayside Libraries, Corporate Centre and Bayside Gallery.


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