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View or object to a planning permit application

You can view all current advertised planning applications online.

View the planning application website

Alternatively, you can view the applications at our office, 76 Royal Avenue Sandringham, from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

Melbourne’s population is growing and over the next 20 years an estimated 15,000 new residents will call Bayside home. People’s housing needs are also changing and we need a mix of larger family homes with a range of smaller housing options to accommodate people of different life stages and circumstances.

Who can view or object to a planning permit application?

If a planning permit application is advertised, all community members have the opportunity to view it and raise any issues or concerns.

How can I view a planning permit application?

You can view all current advertised applications on our planning application register website or at our Sandringham office during business hours. The video explains the planning permit advertising process from both the applicant and objectors’ perspectives.

Advertising, viewing and commenting on an application video transcript (DOCX, 15.85KB)

How do I make an objection?

It is important to clearly understand the proposal first. Call us or make an appointment if you require assistance from one of our planners.


Make an online objection

By mail

You can write a letter clearly explaining why you object and how you would be affected.

Send it by the due date to:

The Planning Department
Bayside City Council
PO Box 27
Sandringham VIC 3191.

What happens next?

We will work with objectors and the applicant to see if an agreeable solution can be found. Through the negotiation process, the proposal may be amended and you may wish to withdraw your objection by completing the below form.

Objection withdrawal form (PDF, 54.92KB)

Objection withdrawal form (DOC, 281.00KB)

Are objections publicly available?

All objections are publicly available to view in our Sandringham office or copies can be sent to the applicant on request. Both the applicant and any objectors will be kept informed as the application progresses.

What happens if objections are lodged to a planning permit application?

If objections are received the applicant and objectors may be invited to a consultation meeting.

If the application is considered contentious or complex it may go to the Planning and Amenity Committee for a decision. Applicants and objectors will be invited and given an opportunity to put forward their views. Learn about the process in this video.

What happens at a planning committee meeting video transcript (DOCX, 14.97KB)

What happens if a decision is made that I disagree with?

If a decision is made on an application that you disagree with you can also appeal to VCAT.