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Heritage documents

We have undertaken significant work in relation to protecting Bayside's heritage, encompassing individual buildings, precincts, trees, structures and places.

Heritage Action Plan 2017

The Heritage Action Plan guides Council's work program for the identification, protection, management and promotion of Bayside's heritage assets for the next ten years. 

Bayside Heritage Action Plan 2017 (PDF, 1.01MB)

City of Bayside Inter-War and Post-War Heritage Study

Completed May 2008 and amended May 2010.

The first volume of this study reviews the Bayside Thematic History 1999 prepared by Allom Lovell; proposing 8 heritage precincts and provides a review of 47 inter-war heritage properties to determine whether they should be included in the Heritage Overlay of the Bayside Planning Scheme.

The second volume contains data sheets/citation for 69 additional properties inter-war and post-war properties and other eras recommended for Heritage Overlay Protection.

Volume 1 (PDF, 7.01MB)

Volume 2 (PDF, 4.01MB)

City of Brighton Urban Character and Conservation Study, August 1986 (PDF, 3.24MB)

Data sheets (A-C) (PDF, 4.06MB)

Data Sheets (D-M) (PDF, 3.26MB)

Data Sheets (N-Z) (PDF, 4.53MB)

Amendment C82 Heritage Controls in Major Activity Centres

Revised September 2012

Applies the Heritage Overlay to three commercial heritage precincts and two individual properties identified as having heritage significance within City of Bayside Review of Heritage Precincts in Activity Centres and City of Bayside Two Individual Citations.

Bayside Review of Heritage Precincts in Activity Centres Revised September 2012 (PDF, 2.20MB)

Bayside Two Individual Citations Revised September 2012 (PDF, 2.13MB)

City of Bayside Heritage Review: Brighton Town Hall Precinct (June 2013) (PDF, 4.41MB)

Heritage Assessment – 9 Boxshall Street, Brighton (PDF, 1.75MB)

Heritage Review ‘Greenfield’ (‘Tullavin’), 453 New Street, Brighton, David Helms Heritage Planning (April 2014) (PDF, 1.69MB)

City of Bayside Heritage Review

Completed March 1999

The City of Bayside Heritage Review has been produced to examine heritage structures, precincts and landscapes within the City of Bayside, incorporating historical studies conducted by Allom Lovell and Associates Pty Ltd (in 1999) and Andrew Ward’s two previous studies (in 1986 and 1989).

This review also provides recommendations for Heritage Overlay Protection under the Bayside Planning Scheme.

Volume 1 – Thematic History (PDF, 4.13MB)

Volume 2 - Building Citations Introduction and Summary (PDF, 146.61KB)

Volume 2 – Building Citations -Part 1 (A-F)  (PDF, 7.22MB)

Volume 2 – Building Citations -Part 2 (G-N)  (PDF, 4.94MB)

Volume 2 – Building Citations -Part 3 (O-Z) (PDF, 5.36MB)

Volume 2 - Appendix A Summary List of C Grade Buildings (PDF, 31.22KB)

Volume 2 - Appendix B Summary of Demolished Buildings (PDF, 26.81KB)

Volume 3 – Heritage Overlay Precincts (PDF, 2.90MB)

Volume 4 – Landscape Citations (PDF, 1.20MB)

Volume 5 – Heritage Overlay Schedule (PDF, 4.32MB)

City of Bayside Heritage Review (Revision 1), 2003 Precinct Citations (PDF, 11.55MB)

City of Bayside Heritage Review (Revision 1), 2003 Building Citations (PDF, 6.19MB)

City of Bayside Heritage Review (Revision 2), 2006 (PDF, 8.43MB)

City of Bayside Review of Heritage Precincts, November 2008 Amended May 2010 (PDF, 8.27MB)

City of Sandringham Heritage and Conservation Study

Completed July 1989

The objectives of this study were to identify and assess historic, architectural and environmental elements within Sandringham. The study also provides guidelines for the conservation and protection of buildings, vegetation and other areas identified from surveys. 

Volume 1 – Built Environment (PDF, 2.96MB)

Volume 2 – Landscape Assessment (PDF, 720.40KB)

Volume 3 – Data sheets (PDF, 1.81MB)