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Other strategic planning documents

This page provides copies of strategies, plans and supporting documents relating to strategic planning in Bayside.

A Strategy for Brighton Shopping Centres, 1993 (PDF, 3.94MB)

Bay Road Heathland Masterplan, June 2004 (PDF, 708.55KB)

Bayside Business Monitor, 2018 (PDF, 4.47MB) (PDF, 9.28MB)

Bayside City Council, Retail Monitor, August 1996 (PDF, 16.22MB)

Bayside Coastal Strategy, 1997 (PDF, 6.03MB)

Bayside Drainage Development, Amendment C139 - December 2014 Amended (PDF, 1.89MB)

Bayside Height Control Study, Hansen Partnership, March 2000 (PDF, 1.95MB)

Bayside Heritage Action Plan 2017 (PDF, 1.01MB)

Bayside Housing Strategy 2012

Bayside Housing Strategy 2019 (PDF, 1.93MB)

Bayside Industrial Area Strategy 2004 (PDF, 6.34MB)

Bayside Open Space Strategy

Bayside Open Space Strategy: Suburb Analysis and Action Plan

Bayside Retail, Commercial and Employment Strategy 2016 

Bayside Street Tree Strategy, 1998 (PDF, 1.26MB)

Bayside Transport and Access Discussion Paper, April 1997 (PDF, 1.28MB)

Beaumaris Cliffs Fossil Site Nomination for inclusion on Register of National Estate, 1996 (PDF, 706.88KB)

Black Rock Village Neighbourhood Activity Centre Strategic Framework Plan 2009, with Addendum July 2012 (PDF, 5.80MB)

Church Street Parking Study, July 1998 (PDF, 6.07MB)

Hampton Shopping Centre Strategy Plan, 1994 (PDF, 12.09MB)

Housing Choice Research Project Pilot Study, 1996 (PDF, 3.97MB)

Outline Development Plan for the Bay Street commercial and community activity centre (PDF, 354.59KB)

Outline Development Plan for the Church Street commercial community activity centre (PDF, 359.87KB)

Outline Development Plan for the Martin Street commercial activity centre (PDF, 255.16KB)

Sandringham Urban Village Strategy, 1998 (PDF, 7.09MB)

Small Activity Centres Strategy - part 1 (PDF, 2.93MB) (PDF, 2.72MB)

Small Activity Centres Strategy - part 2 (PDF, 9.98MB)

Small Activity Centres Strategy - part 3 (PDF, 12.74MB)

Strategic Overview of Industrial Areas in the City of Bayside, 1997 (PDF, 3.32MB)

The Bayside Urban Character Report, Ratio Consultants, December 1999 (PDF, 2.01MB) (PDF, 12.74MB)

The Black Rock Village Business Strategy, 1994 Tourism Strategy Discussion Paper, Bayside City Council, February 1999 (PDF, 6.64MB)

Vegetation Character Assessment Report, City of Bayside, John Patrick and Associates 1999 (PDF, 3.62MB)

Water Sensitive Urban Design Compliance Guidelines for New Development, Bayside City Council, 2009 (PDF, 1.53MB)