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Planning Scheme Reference Documents

Bayside Planning Scheme

Incorporated Documents

Incorporated Documents are documents that are included in the planning scheme via reference rather than being included in the scheme itself. This allows certain documents to be referenced where required in the planning scheme, and read as part of the scheme. The documents listed below are incorporated documents in the Bayside Planning Scheme.

Background Documents

Background Documents are documents that are referenced in the planning scheme to provide background information for a particular policy or provision. While Background Documents are not part of the planning scheme, they are referenced to explain the context within which a policy or provision has been framed.

Incorporated Documents listed in the Schedule to Clause 72.04

Background Documents listed in Schedule to Clause 72.08

Water Sensitive Urban Design - Engineering Procedures: Stormwater (Melbourne Water, 2005)


All Heritage Documents here are Background Documents (excluding Heritage Action Plan 2020, Post-War Modern Residential Heritage Study & Revision 2 from City of Bayside Heritage Review).